Investigation Of Josh Hawley For Connection To Jan. 6 Riots Demanded By Home Newspaper


In a new article, the Editorial Board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called for urgent investigative action by the Senate Ethics Committee targeting the role held by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) in the violence of January 6. It’s already clear publicly that Hawley’s false claims about the integrity of last year’s presidential election results — which he insisted were dubious enough to warrant objecting to their certification — helped inspire the mob that stormed the Capitol building, and yet, the Senate Ethics Committee has yet to show public signs of taking up a related investigation, even after a complaint from certain Senate Democrats.

Referring to Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the Post-Dispatch’s Editorial Board wrote as follows:

‘Jan. 6 wasn’t a fantasy; it was real, and the culpability of these two senators must be determined… Hawley even had the nerve to give a glowering Senate floor speech later [on Jan. 6] condemning the violence — an arsonist standing among the ashes. If he had an ounce of honor, he’d have heeded our Jan. 7 call for his resignation (we certainly weren’t alone on that). But at this point, why even talk about honor? Hawley, of course, now claims victimhood, alleging the ethics complaint would punish him for exercising his official power to object to election results… Just because there’s a mechanism in place allowing senators to object to election results doesn’t mean it’s OK for Hawley to abuse that process for crass political gain… The Ethics Committee should stop sitting on this.’

And yet, Hawley persists. He has yet to show any sign of remorse for his role in whipping up the mob that attacked the Capitol building in January, and there’s absolutely no sign of any sort of impending contrition from the Senator. In a recent interview with Axios, he insisted that “there’s a longstanding tradition in this country of vigorously contesting elections and people who have lost elections that are close going to court… The Democrats do it; the Republicans do it. I mean that’s just the fact of our elections. I don’t think that’s new.” What is “new,” however, is for those political arguments to culminate in real-world violence — and what’s also new in the modern age is for such a staggeringly broad swath of a losing political party to accept a notion of a stolen election that is so profoundly disconnected from the facts. Check out more from the Post-Dispatch’s article here.