Democrats Flip Multiple Seats In Runoff Election, Defying GOP Predictions


In this year’s election cycle, Democrats flipped at least seven additional seats in run-off elections for municipal roles across Georgia this week, adding mayorships and spots on city councils to the list of Democratic victories. In one instance that was highlighted by the Georgia Democratic Party, Democrat LaRhonda Patrick was elected as the new mayor of the town of Warner Robins, setting her up as the first woman and the first Black person to serve in the city’s top job. Per Georgia’s Democratic Party, the latest wins for Democrats make the ultimate total of Georgia municipal seats flipped by the party during this cycle hit 48.

Other Democratic wins in the run-offs include the mayorships of Brunswick, Forest Park, and Sylvester, expanding the list of Georgia mayorships that are going to the Democrats after this year’s elections. That list also includes the top jobs in Cairo, Stone Mountain, Hampton, and McDonough. Rep. Nikema Williams (D-Ga.), who serves as chairperson of the Georgia Democratic Party, spoke of the diligent work that was necessary for these wins in her statement after the newest victories. As she put it:

‘From Middle Georgia to the coast and everywhere in between, Georgians came out in full force this election cycle to make their voices heard and demand change. Democrats’ strong showing in this year’s municipal elections is a testament to the unprecedented grassroots enthusiasm our party has been building across the state for years –– and our momentum is only growing. Georgia voters are as energized as ever, and Georgia Democrats are well-positioned to continue mobilizing voters and flipping seats across the state in 2022 and beyond.’

A lot — including control of both houses of Congress — will be at stake in the midterm election cycle. Redistricting could hand Republicans a nearly automatic advantage heading into the process — in Florida, for instance, Republicans seem set to be adding another House seat to their column simply because of a combination of population growth and state officials’ determination to put the subsequently obtained new district in a Republican area. Plenty of concerned observers have already filed lawsuits challenging some of the most egregious examples of manipulation of the district line-drawing process.