‘The Lincoln Project’ Issues Rallying-Cry To Defeat GOP Fascism


Traditional Republicans probably do not realize that their party packed up their resort clothes and moved on to an isolated beach called Mar-a-Lago. The Lincoln Project understands that. And they also know that our great nation is standing on the edge of a great precipice.

Who better to ask how President Joe Biden is doing so far than a group of gifted former Republicans, members of The Lincoln Project? Their jobs were to convince Americans how great Republicans were. But that party is gone. Now they are more like conservative Democrats.

‘It takes work:’

‘It’s the end of a hard year for America. People are tired, worn down, worried. That’s the truth. The damage that Trump did to our economy, to our families, and to our place in the world can’t be undone overnight. It takes time. It takes leadership. It takes work.’

President Biden is “fixing the tough problems:”

‘President Joe Biden is doing the work. He’s not promising TV miracles. He’s delivering results. COVID vaccinations, saving lives. An economy getting back into gear. Fixing the tough problems.’

Either we get out there and get to work to save our democracy, or the former Republican Party leaders will take us over the edge. We no longer have the luxury of waiting, just voting, or merely following the news. The former Republicans in Congress understand full well that they fight to the death, or they disappear. Certainly, these guys are better fighters than Democrats. But that does not mean we must just give up.

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No. Together we can accomplish great things. Let us come together and “join the fight:”

‘Not with drama. But with confidence, decency, hope. It doesn’t mean we don’t have hard work ahead. But Americans aren’t scared of hard work. And neither is Joe Biden.’

‘Join the Fight.’

Check out the latest from The Lincoln Project below:

‘President Biden is putting America back to work.’

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