Trump Supporter Caught By Feds & Facing 20+ Years For Assaulting Cops


Another arrest has been made amid the ongoing investigation into the many assaults on police officers that were perpetrated during the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters in January. Now, Nevada resident Josiah Kenyon has been taken into custody — where he remains, ahead of further proceedings — and he’s facing serious charges that carry the possibility of up to 20 years or more in prison, if convicted. The formally alleged offenses include civil disorder and assaulting police with a dangerous weapon, and that latter charge alone comes with up to 20 years in jail.

Per a press release from the Justice Department, Kenyon — who was apparently wearing a costume based on the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas at the time — “used several objects, including what appeared to be a table leg with a protruding nail, to assault law enforcement officers who were attempting to protect” the Capitol. Kenyon also “threw an unknown object and what appears to be a large, hard plastic pylon towards officers,” the press release adds. Separately, he participated in the damaging of a window at the Capitol, which he tried to break by punching it before also wielding a flag staff against it.

These are the people who former President Donald Trump has been so eager to defend, while prominent Republicans stick right by him — no matter the fact that he’s uplifting maniacs who stormed the U.S. Capitol and used weapons like an apparently broken off (or otherwise detached) table leg against officers. Trump has spoken against the idea that what took place at the Capitol was an insurrection at all, insisting that the real insurrection unfolded on Election Day, in light of his false claims of systematic election fraud. In contrast, Trump (ridiculously) says that what unfolded on January 6 was merely a “protest” — although so-called protests don’t ordinarily include trying to assault police officers with table legs.

Hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters have been charged for their parts in the Capitol violence, and considering the fact that it’s now nearly 11 months after the initial event with new charges still emerging, it seems safe to say that prosecutors are taking their roles here seriously. Even if Kenyon were to end up with a sentence significantly less than 20 years, the mere possibility of such a thing aptly demonstrates the grave seriousness of his apparent offenses. Read more here.