Officer Who Defended Capitol Implicates Trump For Jan 6 Insurrection


D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone was among those brutalized by the mob of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop the certification of Biden’s election victory in January, and he’s now once again joining those pinning blame on Trump himself for the events of that day. California resident Danny Rodriguez has been arrested for tasing Fanone amid the violence, and in reference to a videotaped sitdown between authorities and Rodriguez that emerged not too long ago, Fanone said that “if you look at that and you can’t see the direct correlation between Donald Trump and his supporters’ quote-unquote ‘political speak’ and their actions on January 6, you’re an idiot.”

In his interactions with authorities, Rodriguez described himself as “not smart,” “so stupid,” “an asshole,” and a “fucking piece of shit,” and Fanone commented as follows:

‘They take a Danny Rodriguez interview, and they see that oh, this guy’s a moron. He’s a sad person who’s kind of pathetic in a way, and they think, “How bad could January 6 really have been?” They’re not looking at the big picture. This was an orchestrated event. Despite the fact that most of the people on the ground are buffoons, so what? There are 15,000 of them… I hold no fucking grudges towards him whatsoever, because in Danny Rodriguez, I see a lot of people that I know. He’s a moron and a misfit, and he was like many people looking for camaraderie, looking for something to belong to.’

Separately, Fanone addressed the Trump connection once again. As Fanone sees it, Trump’s supporters were “manipulated” by the former president’s election-related lies. The officer added:

‘I want accountability for Danny Rodriguez. Not just for what he did to Michael Fanone, but for what he did to Officer Michael Fanone. He was attacking a police officer who was protecting the Capitol and trying to protect members of Congress and democracy, and he came there to subvert that on behalf of Donald Trump.’

Overall, hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters have been picked up for their roles in the Capitol violence, which included numerous assaults on police officers including Fanone. Read more here.