Georgia Lt. Governor Tells Trump To Take MAGA & Leave State


He is not popular anymore, it seems. Donald Trump has stooped to crashing weddings and sending out snail mail. Even state officials have been telling the orange man to just buzz off.

The Lt. Governor of Georgia Geoff Duncan will probably find himself on the ex-president’s enemies list, but he did not seem to care when he appeared on CNN:

‘We don’t need the traveling circus of Donald Trump to stay here in Georgia. We need him to stay down in Mar-a-Lago, working on his handicap playing golf, and let us be conservatives here in Georgia and move forward.’


Duncan told the president to stay away when he heard that Trump was endorsing David Perdue over Governor Brian Kemp in the upcoming Republican primary. The ex-president’s choice lost to Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA) in a January runoff election. The primary winner will go up against voter/donor powerhouse Stacey Abrams (D), according to The Rolling Stone.


Duncan said that the previous president’s choice only has one “tailwind,” according to The POLITICO:

‘It appears early on [Perdue] will try to carry Donald Trump’s water on the conspiracy stuff, and that seems to be the only tail wind [sic] he’s got. It’s unfortunate.’


In the book GOP 2.0, published by Simon & Schuster, Lt. Governor Duncan said he was “still furious” at his fellow Georgia Republicans for working to “invalidate their own constituents’ vote.” It appears that Duncan is one of the rare GOP politicians who believe in “civility and freedom:

‘GOP 2.0 is both a book and a movement that unites people around a common view of civility and freedom. GOP 2.0 puts policy over politics. It aspires to make Americans great. It’s about Geoff Duncan’s “P.E.T. Project,” reviving the party with conservative Policies, genuine Empathy, and a respectful Tone.’

The author has been right in the open over “a long nightmare of fraud allegations, Presidential coercion, a dual runoff that flipped the U.S. Senate.”


Instead, Duncan “called for reason and principle even as Donald Trump viciously attacked him.” He said that conservative Republicans and even former Republicans did not want the ex-president involved:

‘[TheY] yearn for a party that can reclaim lost ground and leave behind the politics of dishonesty, disorder, and division. GOP 2.0 is not a new party – it’s a better direction for our Republican Party.’

One of Trump’s top people said:

‘Trump’s endorsement matters to Republican voters and he’s going to be helpful because this race is important to him.’

Screen-Shot-2021-12-06-at-2.23.49-PM Georgia Lt. Governor Tells Trump To Take MAGA & Leave State Corruption Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories Duncan wrote:

‘I’m not the only conservative in America who wakes up wishing the past months were just a bad dream. I’m not the lone Republican who feels in my gut that our party is following the wrong path. And I’m not alone in believing there’s a better way forward.’

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