Jen Psaki Singles Out Fox News For Lying To Audience On Jan 6


On the tragic day of January 6 Fox News hosts understood full well what was happening at the Capitol Building. They urged Trump to stop the insurrection in real time while going on-air and blaming others.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is no softy. In the daily press brief, she called out the Fox News hosts. She said they knew Trump supporters were responsible for the many acts of violence. Yet they still blamed January 6 on Antifa, according to The Washington Post. The press secretary went after Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity by name. In the midst of the failed insurrection, they were begging McCarthy to bring the attack to an end. Yet, at the same time, those personalities were talking on-air blaming Antifa. Psaki slammed them down hard for that. Nor did she let those who remained silent off the hook either.


Fox News talking heads have been spreading lies and conspiracy theories ever since:

‘It’s disappointing, and unfortunately not surprising, that some of the very same individuals who were willing to mourn, condemn, and express horror over what happened on January 6 in private, were totally silent in public. Or, even worse, were spreading lies and conspiracy theories, and have continued to since that time.’

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