Marjorie Greene Gets Punked On House Floor By Dem Congressman


It’s remarkable — and a bit disturbing — how many Republican members of Congress have no idea what they’re talking about. During debate on the House floor this week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called Democratic leaders “Communists,” which is just stunningly ignorant to an embarrassing degree. Can she even define Communism? Wanting to fund roads and improve health care access… is that Communism, according to Greene? Is that what she thinks it was like — and is like — to live under the tyranny of a Communist dictator? Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a member of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, promptly tore apart Greene’s nonsense.

Greene — and Raskin — made these remarks in the context of discussions within the House about a resolution to hold Trump ally Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress and refer him for prosecution by the Justice Department for defying a subpoena from the riot investigation committee. Greene insisted that “somehow the Communists here in charge… are purposely abusing the Constitution and what this body of Congress is supposed to do.” Raskin, meanwhile, commented as follows:

‘We are not Communists, as the gentlelady from Georgia suggested. That’s just the friends of the former President who you lionize, like the dictator of North Korea, who he loves, and Vladimir Putin, who said that the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. So, those are your friends. Don’t put them on our side.’

Watch Raskin’s comments below:

Just recently, Trump himself reiterated his attachment to the dictatorial leaders who were referenced by Raskin. Trump said at a recent event in Florida where he appeared alongside ex-Fox host Bill O’Reilly that the world leaders who he “did the best with were the tyrants,” adding that “for whatever reason, I got along great with them… Isn’t that better than having a nuclear war?” The options, though, weren’t just capitulating to the interests of anti-democratic crusaders or having a nuclear war. Trump just consistently treated the presidency like some kind of game with himself in the middle.