Multi -Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News For Election Lies Moves Forward


We wonder how well Rupert Murdoch sleeps at night. After all, his Fox “so-called” News may have been complicit in spreading disturbing negative propaganda about the COVID vaccine, saluting authoritarian dictators, and undermining our fair elections via its talking heads.

The biggest question of the moment is whether his “so-called” news cable network knowingly made claims it knew to be false about two major tech companies. Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems Corps think so. They sued Fox News’ umbrella company Fox Corp big time.  The amount was so large that it has been nearly impossible to imagine, $4 billion.

They have also taken on its talking heads, for example, Maria Bartiromo. Not only that, these companies have been going after on-air guests such as the Laurel and Hardy of the lawyer set Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Two of Donald Trump’s attorneys.

The companies also slapped Fox Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch and his son Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Lachlan Murdoch into their lawsuit, seeking their communications. That would help them prove that Fox knowingly aired false statements or “acted with reckless disregard for whether they were true or false,” according to Reuters. They must have evidence of “actual malice” or proof whereby people who are public figures fit into defamation lawsuits.

Dominion went to court:

‘[It requested] internal Fox News documents, including emails, text messages, and notes exchanged between employees who produced segments about Dominion. An unnamed Fox representative testified on Dec. 8 about the company’s internal communications systems.’

The two voting companies must prove that Fox News, its talking heads, and guests should have known or actually did know that they were spreading false information. The voting machine companies also claimed that these people “knew they were false or recklessly ignored easily available evidence that they were false.”

Of course, Murdoch moved to dismiss the case. He claimed Fox was strictly reporting on issues of “public concern.” In addition, their actions were covered by the First Amendment in our Constitution. Bartiromo, Giuliani, and Powell have already argued in the legal filings that they were operating under the free speech amendment.

Consider the two businesses’ situation. Given how important trust is in the voting process, without absolute credibility, their corporations will fail.

Attorney for Smartmatic Erik Connolly said in an interview:

‘It demonstrates the availability of accurate information that the defendants chose to ignore. It wasn’t that hard for them to figure out that what they were saying was inaccurate.’


William & Mary Law School professor Timothy Zick said the plaintiffs were “entitled:”

‘This strikes me as relevant evidence — something the plaintiffs will likely be entitled to.’

After Trump lost the 2020 election, he sent out Giuliani to make the conservative media rounds. On Fox News, the lawyer claimed that both Dominion and Smartmatic software could have been tinkered with to throw the election to President Joe Biden.

In early November, Dominion claimed that the Murdochs:

‘[I]ntentionally disregarded the facts in their own newspaper and did nothing to stop Fox’s dissemination of lies about Dominion.’

Murdoch has been snarfing up important American media, grinding them up, and spitting out his imitation news. Not only does he own Fox Corp, but he also owns The National Geographic, The New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dominion and Smartmatic claimed that the two latter publicans merely magnified elements of Fox News.


Media Law Scholar and the Dean of the University of Missouri School of Law, Lyrissa Lidsky, said:

‘[T]he plaintiffs’ strategy of seeking the Murdochs’ communication is unusual because the owner of a newspaper, for example, does not typically make the day-to-day decisions about what to publish and therefore would not know if a statement was false or was made with reckless disregard for its falsity.’

How long will we continue to let Rupert Murdoch and Fox News continue to poison America? The Daily Beast may have the answer.

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