Trump Family Property Tax Fraud Scheme Revealed By ‘The Daily Beast’


Donald Trump’s National Golf Club is located north of New York in a little town that has now responded to two subpoenas from two different investigations into Trump’s finances. There are three separate prosecutors going after him. One is the state Attorney General (AG) Latisha (Tish) James according to The Business Insider. Then there is the Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Cyrus Vance, Jr. as reported by The New York Times. And last but not least the Westchester DA, Mimi Rocah is on board, too.

However, The Daily Beast was the first to get the official complaints on Westchester’s tax fraud case:

‘Trump’s company filed against the town in its repeated attempts to pay less in taxes. For example, in 2016, the company challenged the town’s assessed value of $15.1 million, arguing that the real value was actually $7.5 million.’


The ex-president valued the golf club in separate ways, depending upon who he was addressing. For tax purposes, he undervalued the value of the club to about $15 million. Then, he would balloon its value when he wanted to borrow against the golf club up to $50 million. There is just one problem. That is illegal.

Miraculously on that same day, Trump signed papers indicating it was worth $50 million, on his birthday.

Well-known former prosecutor John Moscow was a member of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, according to The Daily Beast:

‘At least one of them is false. This is a relatively clean way to prove these people lie to evade taxes and push the tax burden on honest taxpayers.’

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Government ethics attorney Melanie Sloan is a top adviser to American Oversight. The organization is an independent watchdog nonprofit. She said this was just one more instance of the former president’s tax-dodging:

‘This has been an issue since Trump came in. Like with all the golf courses, he likes to value them one way to say he’s richer than he is, then value them another way to lower his taxes. The real question is, why has it taken so long?’


Sloan continued:

‘There will be an investigation into what the value really is, and whether they knowingly lied on the value. If he deliberately filed false information with the OGE, that would violate the False Statement Act.’

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Trump’s ticket has come due.

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