Trump Suffers A Public Meltdown Over NY Criminal Investigation


Former President Donald Trump refuses to categorically condemn those who participated in the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol in January, and yet, in a new statement, he acted as though he was in some kind of position to speak with legitimate authority about keeping the peace. Specifically, he lashed out against New York state Attorney General Letitia James (D), who it was recently announced would be seeking a deposition from Trump himself amid an ongoing investigation into his family business. Trump’s complaints were all over the place, ranging from the supposed mistreatment that he has suffered to the crime rates around the state of New York.

James’s investigation in which she’s seeking to hear from Trump involves examining whether the Trump family business fraudulently adjusted valuations of its assets in hopes of obtaining financial kickbacks, such as favorable loan terms and tax breaks. Among other examples, the Trump company claimed to potential lenders in 2012 that a particular Manhattan building was worth $527 million — and then months later, the company cited a value to tax authorities for the same building of just $16.7 million. A higher valuation could make the company’s financial standing look better to possible lenders, while a lower one might help bring down company tax bills. In response to scrutiny, Trump is sticking to his familiar tactic of lashing out.

Among other remarks, Trump also singled out James’s campaign for governor, which she recently suspended in favor of running for another term as the state’s top law enforcement official. As Trump put it on Wednesday:

‘Letitia James wants to politically weaponize her position as Attorney General instead of exemplifying impartiality and protecting the interests of all New Yorkers. While she pretends that she suspended her short-lived campaign for New York Governor to go after me, she conveniently fails to mention that she couldn’t garner any support and her poll numbers were abysmal—she had no chance of even coming close to winning… She dropped out because her campaign was a complete failure, possibly because the citizens of New York saw how unfairly and viciously she and other highly partisan New York Democrat prosecutors were treating President Donald J. Trump.’

His complaints just stretch on and on, with himself at the center. Nowhere in this particular statement did Trump specifically mention the news of James seeking his testimony, and neither did he respond in this instance to the specific allegations that are driving James’s probe. Instead, it’s all deflection. Check out his full statement by clicking on the post below: