‘The Lincoln Project’ Rallies America To Stand Up & Save Democracy


We take our great democracy for granted, assured that it can withstand anything people try to throw at it.  We came within a hair’s breadth of losing it on January 6, and the slow-motion coup tugs us toward a dictatorship, continuing to this day. But there is a solution. We can save life as we know it.

We can escape being ruled by a tyrant who kills off protests and free journalism. Who either drags people to prison or murders them for speaking truth. We do not have to live under a cape of fear and mass propaganda.


Those brilliant people over at The Lincoln Project, reformed away from the not-so-Grand Old Party, show us how. It means work, but we are up to it:

‘Fighting for the right to vote has been a long American journey. Inspiring. Painful. Frustrating. But we never stopped moving forward to that more perfect union. With justice and liberty — for all.’


We must know the opposition and its members’ objectives, because they are well-planned and strategized. Then we will defeat them:

‘Today there is a movement to take us back, 147 Republicans voted to strip millions of their right to vote for Joe Biden. In 49 states, Republicans have passed or are trying to pass laws to restrict voting.’


These others are not good people. Americans died to protect our democracy. We will not stand aside and let them steal it away from us:

‘They want us to look away, to not pay attention while they steal what so many Americans died to protect. This is how democracies die. There aren’t good people on both sides in this fight. In 2022, democracy is on the ballot. Vote for the Americans who want to protect America.’

But we must begin now. “Time is running out,” so “Join the fight!”

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