Creator Of Trump Coup Strategy Plan Subpoenaed Via January 6 Panel


The January 6 Select Committee is on a roll. They have gone public with text and phone messages and now are hot on the trail of coup activities by current and retired members of the military. The Committee just sent a subpoena to retired Army Col. Phil Waldron. He came into the insurrection planning, working with Trump’s legal team. This was the man responsible for the infamous PowerPoint guide on how to overthrow your government, according to The New York Times.

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Select Committee’s Chairman Representative Bennie Thompson (D-MS) released a statement that read, according to The Washington Post:

‘Mr. Waldron reportedly played a role in promoting claims of election fraud and circulating potential strategies for challenging results of the 2020 election. He was also apparently in communication with officials in the Trump White House and in Congress discussing his theories in the weeks leading up to the January 6th attack. The document he reportedly provided to Administration officials and Members of Congress is an alarming blueprint for overturning a nationwide election.’

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Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows gave the Select Committee over 9,000 pages of materials which included that PowerPoint presentation.

Waldron’s PowerPoint presentation said that he was part of a “huge team effort,” although he refused to name names. That effort involved a plan for Vice President Mike Pence to dispense with electors in “states where fraud occurred” on January 6.

Then, the most disturbing point was where his plan called for U.S. marshals and National Guard troops to “secure” the paper ballots in swing states and count them. This as Pence was to hold off the electoral certification of President Joe Biden.

According to that subpoena Waldron’s presence to appear before the committee has been requested for January 17. He has until January 10 to provide the required documents


Thus far, the Select Committee has sent out 50-plus subpoenas. They have also interviewed over 250 people. They became interested in on Waldron as they focused their attention on Meadows. The Committee has referred the former president’s chief of staff to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for prosecution after he failed to appear before them.

Waldron spoke to The Washington Post last week when he indicated that he had met at the White House with the ex-chief of staff and others. He said that Meadows turned to him and said:

‘What do you need? What would help?’


Fully prepared, the retired military man handed over a list he and his team had compiled. It contained data he felt should be scrutinized. Waldron said that Meadows replied indicating he would forward his list to the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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