‘The Lincoln Project’ Asks America To Stand Up For Democracy On Their 2-Year Anniversary


The Lincoln Project is a remarkable group of former Republicans who have helped define what that fight for democracy looks like. As former GOP consultants, they understand the psychology of those who have stolen the old Republican Party and made it no-so-grand. Today marks two years since their formation, and to celebrate a new video was released.

The Lincoln Project is not “tied to any party or special interest,” because it will take all of us Americans to fight this ugly enemy of freedom:

‘A citizen’s movement not tied to any party or special interest. Americans running to the sound of the guns to fight for the country they love. America won on November 3, 2020.’

Many Republicans across this great nation do not realize that the “Republican Party died.” But it was usurped by those dedicated to “the plot to kill American Democracy:”

‘But in the days that followed the last shreds of a Republican Party died. Replaced by a violent brutal autocratic movement. Every day we learn more about the plot to kill American democracy.’

Clearly, we are at a tipping point:

‘There is no compromise with this evil with this hate. The choice is clear. Will American democracy continue, or will it die at the ballot box and in the courtroom?’

Fortunately, The Lincoln Project reaches around petty barriers to invite us to join them in the fight to “stop the unthinkable.” Together, we can save our great nation:”

‘The Lincoln Project’ is not conservative or liberal. It is American. Millions united to do what we can to stop the unthinkable from becoming inevitable. We don’t know if we will win. But we do know that if we do not fight, they will succeed. So we fight. Join us. ‘

‘Two years ago today, ‘The Lincoln Project’ was founded. Our mission is as clear today as it was then: Preserve, protect, and defend this great nation.’

Now is the time to step up. We can all be heroes.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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