Adam Kinzinger Reveals Jan 6 Panel Has More GOP Texts


During an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) indicated that he was open to issuing subpoenas from the House committee investigating the Capitol riot for Republican members of Congress and even former President Donald Trump himself. That committee, on which Kinzinger serves, has already issued a whole host of subpoenas, and they’ve made some strides. The panel has heard from over 300 individuals, and although high-profile people like Trump allies Roger Stone and Steve Bannon have resisted answering questions, the list of those who have provided information includes people with firsthand insights into what transpired.

Asked if he thinks that certain colleagues of his should be subpoenaed for testimony (in the event that they won’t appear voluntarily), Kinzinger explained as follows:

‘Yeah, absolutely… I think if you had anything to do with what happened on January 6, and I think more importantly even than January 6 [are] the events and the nuances that led to January 6. Because January 6 was a really bad day — everything prior to that is the rot in the democracy, or the rot in self-governance that we have to correct so we don’t get another January 6… Nobody — member of Congress, former president — nobody in America is above the law.’

Asked a follow-up question regarding the specific point of whether Trump might be subpoenaed by the committee, Kinzinger said (in part) that “if we need him, we’ll do it.” Watch below:

It’s true, of course — the violence that engulfed the Capitol on January 6 was not an isolated incident, and the incitement that Trump has been observed to have provided for the riot was not limited to the speech that he gave at a rally in D.C. that day. Rather, for months, Trump pushed the false claim that a staggeringly expansive election-rigging scheme had unfolded — and he insisted that urgent action needed to be taken. Trump has not abandoned these claims, despite the overwhelming presence of evidence proving him wrong. As long as he sticks by these conspiracy theories, the threat of another January 6, so to speak, remains heightened.

Asked while on ABC if he believes that other Republican members of Congress “bear direct responsibility” for the riot, Kinzinger commented as follows:

‘It’s possible. I’m not ready to kind of go to that point yet, because I want to let the facts dictate it. But I will tell you, yes, there are more texts out there that we haven’t released, where it’s folks not saying things like, hey Mark Meadows, why don’t you make sure all the votes are counted, and then whoever has the most wins. It’s going around the nuances of the law, or it’s saying, here’s how we can use this technicality to win… We’re going to pursue doggedly everything to the ends of the earth.’

Watch Kinzinger below: