Kinzinger Horrifies Trump With Reveal Of Investigation For Crimes


Adam Kinzinger has gone public to say the Select Committee is investigating Trump to determine whether his actions in relation to the Capitol Building insurrection were criminal. But the Illinois representative would not go so far as to announce the ex-president had committed a crime. He did say “yes, we’re looking:”

‘I’m not ready to go there yet. But I sure tell you I have a lot of questions about what the president was up to. [A crime is] obviously a pretty big thing to say. We want to know, though.’


‘And I think we will, by the end of our investigation and by the time our report is out, have a pretty good idea. Nobody, Jake, is above the law. Nobody, not the president. He’s not a king.’


‘Not former presidents. They aren’t former kings. Nobody is above the law. And if the president knowingly allowed what happened on January 6 to happen, and, in fact, was giddy about it, and that violates a criminal statute, he needs to be held accountable for that.’

Tapper pointed to a clip of Committee Vice-Chair Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) where she seemed to reference a criminal statute:

‘Whoever corruptly obstructs, influences or impedes any official proceeding or attempts to do so shall be fined or imprisoned, not more than 20 years, or both.’


After interviewing the Capitol and Washington D.C. Metro Police on live television at the beginning of their investigation, the Select Committee has gone silent. However, its members have interviewed close to 300 individuals with information related to the insurrection. In addition, they have collected reams of documents.

In addition, the January 6 Committee has referred several individuals close to Trump who ignored its subpoenas to the Department of Justice for contempt of Congress. The former Chief of Staff to Trump, Mark Meadows, was one of them.


Meadows had already turned over 9,000 pages of documents which included damning texts. Some even came from Fox News talking heads and the ex-president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. urging the former president to stop the insurrection. This showed that they believed he controlled the mob.

Kinzinger told Tapper that the Committee will “get every bit of detail that we can possibly get on” January 6:

‘I want to hold the people guilty accountable, but I want to make sure this never happens again. Otherwise, January 6 will have been, yes, a failed trial run, but, sometimes, a failed trial run is the best practice to get one that succeeds, a coup that would succeed in toppling our government.’


Stay tuned.

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