‘The Lincoln Project’ Trolls Anti-Vaxxers Using Trump’s Booster Shot


President Joe Biden surprised us all when he gave each American a beautiful gift for Christmas. His gift was “do not die!” It was all about that “good health” part printed on our Christmas cards that we do not read. Then, President Biden wrapped his wish in a lovely, if a bit old-fashioned package of urging us all to get COVID shots. He even put a booster on top. But then what to our wondering eyes did he do next? POTUS actually gave Donald Trump a brief compliment. And get this.

The Lincoln Project gave us a gift, too, sort of like Santa without everything but the “ho ho ho.”

Screen-Shot-2021-12-22-at-9.00.50-AM 'The Lincoln Project' Trolls Anti-Vaxxers Using Trump's Booster Shot Donald Trump Featured Politics Satire Top Stories

The brilliant born-again-not-Republican guys and gals over at The Lincoln Project handed us a lovely Christmas message, too. It is a “full suite of COVID vaccinations” and even “a booster.” But they wrapped their Christmas wish with a ribbon around their tongue-in-cheek sandwich.

Thank you, Lincoln Project people. It was delicious.

Take a look at their present. It is okay to open it before Christmas. There is one just like it for each and every American:

‘Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Donald Trump is vaccinated and you should be too.’

Featured image is a screenshot of Twitter.

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