Resignation Of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Demanded By Bernie Sanders


As concerns continue to mount over Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s handling of the U.S. Postal Service, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — the current chairperson of the Senate Budget Committee — has issued a statement calling on President Joe Biden to demand DeJoy’s immediate resignation. After an initial span with DeJoy at the helm in which on-time delivery rates plummeted and observers seriously worried about whether the Postal Service would effectively handle last year’s tide of election-related mail, DeJoy has now rolled out a long-term plan that — for the sake of cost-cutting — includes purposeful cuts to the delivery speeds of certain pieces of mail, among other things.

Sanders, meanwhile, commented as follows:

‘Given the serious crisis and total failure of leadership at the United States Postal Service, I am urging President Biden to demand the immediate resignation of Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General. By any objective measure, Louis DeJoy, a top campaign contributor of Donald Trump, has been, by far and away, the worst Postmaster General in the modern history of America.’

Sanders subsequently noted some of the real-world ramifications of slowdowns and other issues at the Postal Services. Medications, bills, and other important items head through the postal system on a daily basis — so without efficient service, those who rely on such things can find themselves with serious issues to tackle. The Biden administration has announced a plan to send out hundreds of millions of free, at-home tests for COVID-19 to Americans around the country — but, Sanders noted, “given the deterioration of the postal service under Mr. DeJoy, how can anyone have confidence that these life-saving tests will be delivered to the American people in a timely and efficient manner? I think the obvious answer to that question is they cannot.”

As the Senator summarized:

‘The United States Postal Service is a vital part of our economy and our way of life. We need a Postmaster General who will strengthen and expand the Postal Service, not someone who continues to undermine and sabotage it. It is long past time for Mr. DeJoy to go.’

The appointment of the Postmaster General is handled by the members of the Postal Service’s Board of Governors. Biden has already seen three of his nominees confirmed to the board, which has a total of nine spots, but among other complicating issues, legal requirements for the board demand that it have no more than a simple majority of members from the same political party. Biden has nominated two additional individuals for the board in addition to that initial slate of three picks, but one of Biden’s newest selections is a Republican. Read more from Sanders regarding DeJoy by clicking on the post below: