Rudy Giuliani Served With Lawsuit Over Trump’s 2020 ‘Big Lie’


Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, two individuals who participated in the tabulation of votes in Fulton County, Georgia, after last year’s presidential election, have now sued longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani, the far-right media outlet One America News, and others over lies about their supposed roles in imaginary election fraud. In the wake of the surfacing of allegations about their participation in non-existent fraud, Freeman and Moss faced threats and harassment from supporters of the ex-president to the point that Freeman was advised by the FBI to leave her home for much of January. Twice, individuals showed up to Moss’s grandmother’s residence hoping to make a so-called “citizen’s arrest” over the nonsensical fraud claims.

Freeman is Moss’s mother. Their defamation lawsuit states, in part, as follows:

‘Both women are afraid to live normal lives. Ms. Freeman is fearful when she hears her name called in public; Ms. Moss now fears risking even a visit to the grocery store and must get her groceries delivered instead. Defendants have inflicted, and continue to inflict, severe and ongoing emotional and economic damage.’

As recapped by CNN, One America News “repeatedly suggested Freeman and Moss had illegally counted ballots, after the Trump campaign circulated edited security camera footage of them counting absentee and military ballots in an arena in Fulton County.” As summarized by Georgia Public Broadcasting, during a hearing in December of last year, Giuliani ‘regaled Georgia lawmakers with a false and fanciful tale that Freeman and Moss were akin to drug dealers “passing out dope” and that a selectively edited surveillance video was evidence of fraud.’ These reckless lies had substantive consequences for the people who were targeted. Trump has repeatedly complained about the supposed unfair targeting of his associates in certain investigations — but it’s his side doing such a thing.

Giuliani is also facing a hefty defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, a voting technology company that has been the subject of numerous pro-Trump conspiracy theories related to the election. Giuliani has refused to acknowledge the truth that no legitimate evidence has ever emerged proving the widespread election fraud that he’s claimed to be present.