‘The Lincoln Project’ Celebrates Democracy With Christmas Eve Video


This Christmas Eve we are reminded that our great democracy was built upon the backs of people of great courage, strength, and perseverance. But it must be protected. And it is up to us to do it. If General George Washington crossed the snowy Delaware River in 1776 with 5400 cold, poorly-clothed, and even sick men, we can do it. The Lincoln Project‘s wish for us today is that we recognize the time has come for us to defend American no matter our “race, faith, or language. She is at dire risk.


The democracy we inherited does not stay healthy on its own. We have forgotten that. It must be protected. Check out The Lincoln Project’s Christmas Eve video. It is beautiful:

‘On Christmas Eve in 1776, George Washington led his men across the Delaware River and changed the tide of history.’

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‘On this eve in 2021, their Legacy is under attack. We must unite & rise to meet this moment just as they did more than 200 years ago. Merry Christmas.’

Images screenshots via Twitter.

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