Pre-Election MAGA Scheme To Create Voter Fraud Chaos Uncovered


In addition to being a grifter and a fake “real estate mogul,” Donald Trump was apparently also a psychic. In 2016, he insisted that if he lost to Hillary Clinton, it would only be because the Democrats committed voter fraud and stole the election from him. When he won, he hailed it as the greatest victory in history (it wasn’t) and nothing else was heard about election fraud.

And then Trump lost in 2020.

In October of 2020, a month before the election, a police officer who had been fired amidst controversy over a raid that went wrong, slammed his car into the car of an air conditioning technician. New evidence shows that the Liberty Center for God and Country (LCGC) paid him over $200,000 to chase down those “fraudulent” votes.

According to The Daily Beast:

‘Their [LCGC] work came to light in October of that year [2020] when former Houston Police captain Mark Aguirre allegedly rammed his SUV into a man’s truck, forced the man onto the ground at gunpoint, and accused him of transporting 750,000 fraudulent ballots. Aguirre’s claims were baseless—his victim was an innocent air conditioner technician—and no widespread voter fraud has been found in the 2020 election. Aguirre was indicted this week for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.’

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The group began working to convince Trump supporters that the election would be stolen away from them earlier that year, just as it became clear that Joe Biden was leading in the polls and the numbers weren’t changing significantly. In addition to insisting all the polls were lying, Trump and his supporters began early weaving a tory about how the election was fraudulent even before the election took place. The LCGC began fundraising on the claim and amassed millions of dollars in the process.

Aguirre wrote on the group’s GoFundMe page in September of 2020 that:

‘We are private investigators in the State of Texas who have uncovered an illegal ballot harvesting operation in Harris County. Our team is spearheaded by Mark A. Aguirre retired Captain of the Houston Police Department Lic.#C14256. We have collected evidence from 2018 displaying the massive absentee mail in voting fraud. We are currently in the process of collecting more evidence and information that will directly impact the upcoming 2020 election.’

Just as they predicted, the “fraud” came to light after the election, sparking an insurrection in which Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol Building. As the LCGC raised millions both before and after the “fraudulent” election, they insisted they were just being good American patriots.

On their website, it said:

‘This site is a labor of love by American citizens. Our Founding Sponsors: The Economic WarRoom, Allied Security Operations Group, Liberty Center for God and Country are building a coalition concerned with protecting our sacred elections from tampering and fraud.’