Heavily Armed Man Arrested In Plot To Assassinate Biden, Fauci, & Obama


It should not have to be said that cable news hosts at political rallies, such as the one held by Turning Point USA during the week of Christmas, should not make public calls for the murder of public officials, as Fox News’ Jesse Watters did at that event. Predictably, the results of such rhetoric are already being seen.

Secret Service Agent Justin Larson wrote in the criminal complaint that Kuachua Brillion Xiong, a 25-year-old California man and grocery store employee, was arrested in Iowa with an AR-15, ammunition, body armor, medical kits, and a hit list. Specifically, he intended to kill President Joe Biden, medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, former President Barack Obama, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

NBC News reports that:

‘Xiong was pulled over Dec. 21 in Cass County and found to have an AR-15 rifle, ammunition, loaded magazines, body armor and medical kits, Secret Service Agent Justin Larson wrote in a criminal complaint..Xiong had been driving from his home near Sacramento, California, since Dec. 18 “with the intention of driving straight to the White House … to kill persons in power,” Larson wrote.’

Xiong referred to the individuals on his hit list as evil demons, remarks echoing rhetoric from people like right-wing provocateur Alex Jones, who has somehow dramatically tied the life-saving Dr. Fauci to the book of Revelations where he is predicted, Jones says, of ushering in the end of times.


‘Speaking with investigators, Xiong said the “evil individuals he intended to kill” included Biden, Fauci, former President Barack Obama and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, authorities said. Xiong was using a map app on his phone and had set his destination for the White House, according to the complaint, which was included in court documents unsealed Wednesday.’

Larson further wrote that Xiong “showed investigators a drawing of the White House grounds, “including a perceived ‘weak spot’ he identified during his pre-attack research.” He also stated that Xiong showed no hesitation about committing the crimes even in front of the Secret Service, saying he would continue his mission if allowed to roam free.

‘He added that if released from custody, he would immediately resume traveling to the White House … and “do whatever it takes” to complete his plan.’