Jan 6 Committee Subpoena For Financial Records Allowed By Judge


According to CNN’s reporting, an attempt by Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich to block a subpoena from the House committee investigating the Capitol riot for his financial records has failed, for now. Budowich appears to have potentially missed a deadline that would have been required for his efforts. As CNN reporter Katelyn Polantz explained on-air, the court’s denial “wasn’t substantive, and we don’t have a lot of information about it… but it denied his request for emergency intervention. The judge said it was because his request was moot at this time.” Check out CNN’s coverage below:

CNN has reported that JP Morgan Chase, Budowich’s bank, gave him “a deadline of 5 p.m. ET on Christmas Eve to show he legally blocked the subpoena, according to a letter the bank sent to him that he included in the lawsuit” targeting the subpoena. For Budowich to have missed this deadline — and for the court to have concluded that his attempt at obtaining an emergency intervention was “moot” — seems to suggest that the process of the bank complying with the subpoena may already be underway. Budowich’s original lawsuit emerged after the Christmas Eve deadline, and his legal team has already revealed that the spokesperson’s team “immediately reached out to JPMorgan to seek an extension. JPMorgan refused. Mr. Budowich reached out to counsel for the Select Committee for an extension. The Select Committee refused” — again suggesting that the records may have already been set up for transfer.

Budowich’s records are among a slew of materials that the House committee investigating the Capitol riot has been after, including substantial caches of records from the Trump administration. The committee is also planning to hold a series of public hearings next year, and in the meantime, Trump continues to show the urgency of these efforts. Besides his refusal to acknowledge the utter falsity of the claims of a stolen election that originally inspired the riot, the former president has also repeatedly defended the actions of those who participated in the storming of the Capitol that day — helping keep the space open for such a thing to potentially happen again.