Adam Kinzinger Dunks On Matt Gaetz For Being An Idiot


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) doesn’t sound interested in putting up with the antics of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.). Sure, COVID-19 cases are hitting new record highs in the United States, and hospitalizations associated with the virus are rising — but people at social media companies weren’t nice enough to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), and that’s what pathetic national embarrassments like Gaetz are really worried about. This week, Greene’s personal account was permanently removed from Twitter for repeated violations of the company’s policies against COVID-19 misinformation, and she was suspended from posting or commenting on Facebook for a day. Gaetz whined about the “censorship” that she is facing, and Kinzinger shut that garbage down quick.

In his initial tweet, Gaetz insisted that the “censorship of Marjorie Taylor Greene is wrong as wrong can be.” Again: what happened to the rights of private businesses that Republicans seemed so feverishly interested in protecting when it suited them? Kinzinger commented back at Gaetz as follows, pointing out what he called “twisted logic” on the part of the Florida Congressman:

‘Twisted logic: wrong= enforcing truth. Right= denying truth. I must have missed that lesson in Sunday school.’

The problem is that far more of the current Republican members of Congress are better represented by Gaetz than Kinzinger, the latter of whom is currently serving on the House committee investigating the Capitol riot — against the wishes of many of his colleagues. At the helm of it all sits Trump, of course, who has spent the time since that riot continuing to spread the lies about the integrity of last year’s presidential election that originally inspired it — with most Republicans in positions of prominent, national leadership sticking right by him through this wholesale rejection of documented reality. The problems represented by the January 6 attack on the Capitol extend well beyond it, persisting as long as this disinterest in the truth keeps appearing.

The riot investigation committee on which Kinzinger serves has been examining the possibility of issuing criminal referrals for individuals including Trump, regarding offenses such as obstruction of an official proceeding. A referral to the Justice Department would not force officials there to bring charges, but it would raise the pressure for such a move. Presumably, any referral from the riot panel would have a substantial tranche of evidence behind it.