Qanon Cape Wearing Rioter Arrested By Feds For Jan 6 insurrection


Matthew Jay Webler was the 17th person from Georgia found and arrested for the Jan 6 insurrection. We could not really miss the screaming-yellow jacket and QAnon flag cape. The FBI arrested and charged him with a number of misdemeanors for actions at the Capitol. According to court records, Webler was recorded by multiple security cameras at various points.

And, like so many of the more than 725 people so far arrested in the riot, Webler could be heard in a selfie video taken inside the Capitol saying:

‘It’s my birthday, and it’s the best one ever.’

On April 28, even after “dozens” of those ready to steal the election for Trump were arrested, he posted a message on Facebook “Here’s some of my footage. Can you find the terror:”

‘Biden called Jan 6 the worst domestic terror attack in our history. Here’s some of my footage. Can you find the terror?’


Investigators found that the Atlanta man wrote on Facebook, according to The 11 Alive:

‘DC here we come!’

Webler has a criminal history and had two prison terms in Georgia totaling more than six years for various misdemeanor crimes. He was most recently in prison in 2005, according to Georgia Department of Corrections records.

The Georgian had done over six years for burglary, aggravated assault and auto theft, and other charges. The attacker said he was in the video published December 28, 2020:

‘I have been involved with helping Lin Wood and Sidney Powell try find all the information that we can.’

Webler was arrested in Decatur, Georgia on December 2, 2020, according to The New York Times.

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