Hero DC Officer Rips Kevin McCarthy Over His Phony Behavior


Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the U.S. Capitol Police is not impressed with House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Gonell was one of the many officers who helped defend the Capitol complex against rampaging Trump supporters last January, and his public profile increased when he participated in a public hearing that was put on last year by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, where he shared his harrowing account of enduring the savage violence inflicted by the then-president’s backers. McCarthy, meanwhile, has been among those allying themselves ever more closely with Trump in the aftermath of the riot, as though he’d like to pretend that the brutal reality of the attack can be somehow wished away.

This Sunday was an observance that had been set up in recent years called National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and in apparent connection to the day, McCarthy sent bags of Chick-fil-A over to the U.S. Capitol Police. Gonell apparently found the gesture to be relatively hollow. Alongside an image of some of the food — which was accompanied by a printed note, signed by McCarthy, expressing thanks to the officers for “all you do” — Gonell wrote the following on Twitter:

‘Amazingly, this is the kind of support he and others think we need. The support WE need is accountability. I can buy my own lunch.’

Check it out below or over at this link:

McCarthy doesn’t appear to have issued any kind of formal statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of January 6, at least as could be ascertained from his official website and Twitter profile. He did, though, complain in an appearance on Fox (on the same day that Gonell posted about the Chick-fil-A) about Democrats supposedly politicizing the occasion — which is a ridiculous argument. It’s Democrats who politicized the storming of the Capitol for the purpose of stopping the Congressional certification of the duly documented outcome of a presidential election? Obviously not, but this kind of vapid desperation is apparently just about all that McCarthy has got, as he clings ever more closely to Trump in apparent hope (among other things) of getting himself ahead politically. If Republicans win back the House, he could become Speaker.