Mitt Romney Sternly Rebukes Trump’s 2020 Election Lies


Mitt Romney has rushed to defend GOP Senator Mike Rounds who recently asked fellow Republicans to Accept Joe Biden’s victory to save the party from conspiratorial nonsense.

Rounds said:

“If we simply look back and tell our people, ‘Don’t vote because there’s cheating going on,’ then we’re going to put ourselves in a huge disadvantage,” he said. “So, moving forward, let’s focus on what it takes to win those elections. We can do that.“

His reasoning sounds surprisingly coherent for a member of the political party endorsing horse de-worming medicine to cure COVID instead of safe and effective vaccines. One of the few other Republicans willing to stand up to Trump, Mitt Romney, came out swinging in defense of his colleague.

This is another sign that Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican party is weakening. Will his power decrease fast enough for Democrats to hold on in 2022? Time will tell.