Donald Trump Threatened With Rape Lawsuit By Alleged NY Victim


E. Jean Carroll, the writer who’s shared that she was raped by Donald Trump in the 1990s, pledged this week that she would be suing the former president in the event of the passage by New York state authorities of a proposed law allowing for new avenues of accountability in certain sexual assault cases involving victims who were over 18 at the time of the initial incident. As explained by a recent New York state Senate press release, the proposed legislation “would create a one-year window for the revival of time-barred civil lawsuits based on sex crimes committed against individuals who were 18 years of age or older.” It would apparently overcome issues poised by limits on the time period after incidents of assault in which legal actions can be taken. Carroll commented on Twitter this week as follows:

‘Even the DOJ will not be able to save Trump when the Adult Survivors Act passes the New York State Assembly. The very moment it passes I am suing Donald Trump for rape. The best civil rights attorneys in the nation — [Robbie Kaplan] and [Joshua Matz] — ARE READY!’

Carroll has already filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump over his response to her initial revelations, and that case has been moving through court proceedings. Recently, as previously reported on this site: Carroll and Trump’s sides were set to face off in a hearing, in connection to an attempt that began in the Trump era for the Justice Department to replace Trump as the defendant in the original defamation case that Carroll brought. For that replacement to go through would mean the end of the proceedings, since defamation cases against the Justice Department can’t move forward according to current rules. Kaplan has been sharply critical of the decision by Justice Department officials in the Biden administration to continue the argument that Trump’s denials of Carroll’s statements were made within the bounds of his presidential role, warranting intervention by the department.