Eric Trump Has Whiny Public Meltdown As NY Probe Accelerates


In case you were wondering, the Trumps are still (generally speaking) a bunch of miserable, whiny imbeciles. During a recent appearance on the Fox News program hosted by Sean Hannity, Eric Trump freaked out over the progression of an investigation into the Trump family business by New York state Attorney General Letitia James. Eric himself already testified as part of a civil investigation that James is conducting into that business, and now, James is after testimony from the former president himself, in addition to two of his other adult children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka. The Trumps’ legal team has claimed that subpoenas for the three are “an unprecedented and unconstitutional maneuver.”

Eric echoed this nonsense on Fox, although these claims from the Trumps of supposed unconstitutional treatment often seem somewhat vague, without sure ties to, well, reality. Do they even know what they’re talking about? Eric angrily ranted as follows:

‘You have Letitia James out there, probably the most unethical prosecutor in the history of the United States, who literally said on video… I’m going to go into office every single day, I’m going to sue Trump, and then I’m going to go home, meaning she ran on the campaign promise of suing my father because she didn’t believe in his political party, because she didn’t like us, because the people in Washington, D.C. told her to do that. It violates the Constitution; it’s unethical; it’s wrong. And you don’t need to take it from me. I mean, listen to the dozens of videos where [James says], I’m gonna get him. I’m gonna get his children. I’m gonna take him down… This is what you’d expect from Russia. This is what you would expect from Venezuela. This is third-rate stuff.’

Check out Eric’s comments below:

James’s civil investigation — like a parallel criminal investigation that was kickstarted in Manhattan and in which she’s now also involved — is focusing on issues including whether Trump’s business fraudulently adjusted valuations of its assets to obtain financial benefits, ratcheting up the values when trying to make the company look good to potential lenders and lowering them when trying to bring down tax bills. Donald Trump himself has sued James, trying to get her civil probe and her involvement in the Manhattan criminal investigation stopped. Trump’s case claims that James has violated his rights to due process and free speech, in addition to supposed violations of his right to be free from overreaching government searches. James said after Trump’s case emerged that her “investigation will continue undeterred because no one is above the law, not even someone with the name Trump.”