Heroic DC Officer Shames ‘Jackass’ GOP Congress Members


During a recent appearance on CNN, former D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone went after “insurrectionist members of Congress,” who he described as “jackasses.” Fanone was an officer on the force at the time of the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters last January, and he experienced the brutal violence firsthand, as did numerous other officers. And yet, Republicans in positions of power have repeatedly sought to downplay or excuse what happened. Besides these after-the-fact issues, there’s also the problem that certain Republican members of Congress incited the violence with their lies about the integrity of the election and demands for urgent action.

Discussing his interactions with fellow individuals on the inside of the police forces around D.C., Fanone said as follows:

‘A lot of the conversations that I had early on — many continue to this day — it was important for the officers, myself included, that went to the Capitol to not be viewed as victims. We were American police officers who responded to the Capitol and fought off an insurrection in defense of democracy. I’m incredibly proud of that. And I’m proud of the officers that continue, to this day, to uphold their oath to the Constitution and defend democracy — specifically, my former department, and also, the U.S. Capitol Police who have to do it and walk the same halls as some of these insurrectionist members of Congress. I couldn’t imagine sharing a workspace with those jackasses.’

Check out Fanone’s comments below:

Fanone is not the only officer who responded to the Capitol violence to take a firm stance against what amounts to the Trump-ist wing of the GOP — far from it, in fact. Former President Trump himself has been sued by a slew of officers over his incitement of the violence, with one recent case — filed by U.S. Capitol Police officer Briana Kirkland — stating that “[as] the leader of this violent mob, who took their cues from his campaign rhetoric and personal Tweets and traveled from around the country to the nation’s capital at Trump’s invitation for the January 6 rally, Trump was in a position of extraordinary influence over his followers, who committed assault and battery on Briana Kirkland.” Kirkland is seeking at least $75,000 in damages from Trump, in addition to getting him to cover her attorneys’ fees. Other officers who’ve brought cases tied to the riot are also hoping to impose financial penalties on Trump.