Kayleigh McEnany Meets With Jan. 6 Committee


From the moment that Donald Trump’s first press secretary, Sean Spicer, stood in front of the nation with a photo of a half empty lawn during Trump’s presidential inauguration and declared it the most well-attended inauguration in history “period!”, it became glaringly obvious that the job of Trump’s press secretary was going to be about soul-crushing humiliation as well as endless misinformation and lies.

For former and now current-again Fox News personality Kayleigh McEnany, that job also includes answering questions in front of Congress about the lies she was directed to tell about the Big Lie, the one started by the twice-impeached ex-president who lost the popular vote twice that says that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against him. Those lies later led to an act of violent, attempted insurrection by Trump’s supporters, and the committee investigating that insurrection requested an interview with McEnany.

CNN reports that:

‘According to a disclosure from the National Archives made in court in October, the committee is seeking “629 pages from multiple binders containing proposed talking points for the Press Secretary, interspersed with a relatively small number of related statements and documents, principally relating to allegations of voter fraud, election security, and other topics concerning the 2020 election.”‘

Although it is unclear whether the committee believes that McEnany may have any other inside information relevant to the investigation, it is reportedly the directions she was given by the Trump administration to lie to the public about the election. Documents and communications have also been requested by the committee, a request still making the rounds through court while Trump sues to try to hide his actions.

‘The committee has requested a significant number of McEnany’s records from the National Archives, which are still tied up in court because former President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to block the committee’s access to his White House records.’

The investigative committee has so far called a number of witnesses, many of whom have complied with a few well-known exceptions, such as those from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Trump aides and advisors Steve Bannon and Roger Stone, as well as others.

Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who heads the committee, said that:

‘We need to know precisely what role the former President and his aides played in efforts to stop the counting of the electoral votes and if they were in touch with anyone outside the White House attempting to overturn the outcome of the election.’