Ron Johnson Gets Thoroughly Roasted By Hometown Newspaper


The editorial board members on Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) hometown newspaper, The Cap Times, wrote an op-ed calling him a “delusional huckster.” In their op-ed, the editors point out that he is not a “Wisconsin Republican.” Instead, he is a “[Donald] Trump Republican.” But what does that mean?

They say that this Republican just announced another reelection bid in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The WSJ is not headquartered in Wisconsin, but in New York City. The senator’s hometown’s op-ed states that Johnson does not support members of his state, the Cap Times revealed:

‘He could care less about what Wisconsin Republicans think, or about the future of their party.’

They call Johnson a “political careerist” and appear resigned to handing his opponent the win. They also accuse Johnson of having no concern for Wisconsin and its “historic traditions.”

Apparently, all an opponent would have to do is release the details of “how out of sync this senator is with historic Republican values” to win.

The editorial board then added the formula for those who want to beat their senator. They indicate that all an opponent would have to do is:

‘[Show] how damaging he is to the party’s long-term prospects as a useful force in Wisconsin politics. By confronting and exposing the incumbent as the charlatan he is, such a challenge could lay the groundwork for the slow but necessary restoration of the honor of the Grand Old Party, which has been so severely damaged by political grifters such as Ron Johnson.’

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The editorial board continued:

‘But for Wisconsin Republicans who retain even the barest measure of self-respect — a dwindling circle but one that we would argue still exists — the idea of tying their party’s future to a delusional huckster who recommends fighting COVID-19 with Listerine should be deeply unsettling’

The editorial board wrote that there have been attempts “to slow the drift of the Grand Old Party toward:”

‘[T]he sort of right-wing extremism, racism. and xenophobia that was anathema to its founders. In the 1940s and 1950s, The Capital Times was the loudest voice of opposition to the state’s most venomous Republican U.S. senator of the era, Joseph McCarthy. But ours was not a lonely voice. There were many Republicans who opposed McCarthy, and we supported them.’

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Republican leaders chose GOP candidates that lost to the Democrat ones in state elections:

‘In recent years, Wisconsin’s GOP candidates have lost statewide races for the U.S. Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer, and secretary of state. And their favored candidates have lost a number of officially nonpartisan contests for state Supreme Court seats.’

As a result, the editors consider Senator Johnson only a “placeholder” for Trump:

‘[Johnson] serves as little more than a placeholder for his chief benefactor, defeated former President Donald Trump.’

The New York Times was more forgiving of Johnson, saying “he wasn’t always like that.” And “Trump broke him:”

‘[And this is] why it would be good news, not merely for Democrats but for all Americans, if he could get his butt whupped in November.’

The people will decide, that is if they can keep their state elected officials who count the votes.

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