‘MyPillow Guy’ Mike Lindell’s Money Gets Booted By Midwest Bank


MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell apparently received notice recently that he was getting pushed out by a bank with which he’d done business. Lindell, of course, is one of the most prominent proponents on the far-right of nonsensical conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election, which no credible authority has ever concluded was somehow rigged for Biden. He’s also a grifter, having not too long ago attempted to get some kind of alternative social media site going called Frank Speech. And now, besides the other travails he’s facing — like massive defamation litigation over his election lies — Heartland Financial’s Minnesota Bank & Trust has apparently decided that they’re done with him.

A recorded phone conversation between an executive at that Minnesota bank and someone close to Lindell reveals that the executive posed concerns such as: “What if somebody came and said, ‘Do you know what? We are going to subpoena all of his account records, and this and that.’ And then all of a sudden we make the news.” Lindell deliriously babbled as follows, seemingly blaming negative media coverage (alongside other things) for these developments:

‘All of these outlets now are attacking me, re-attacking me again, trying to say I’m some kind of a — let’s subpoena Mike Lindell’s records. As you know, I went after Pelosi and that fake committee they got going to scare everybody. And by doing this, now, these banks want to get part of the cancel culture. They want to cancel out all of these entities — the biggest one they worry about, Frank Speech everybody. They want to silence Frank Speech. They want to silence my voice. LindellTV — there’s nine entities on there. They called me. When they called my controller, I couldn’t believe it.’

Watch Lindell’s comments on the matter below:

Lindell doesn’t exactly need any help in making himself look ridiculous, though. Recently, he claimed to possess enough evidence of imaginary election fraud to be able to put hundreds of millions of Americans in jail. As he bizarrely put it: “It’s so amazing, all the things that we have — we already have all the pieces to the puzzle. When you talk about evidence, we had enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life, 300-some million people, we had that all the way back to November, December.” Yeah… Lindell sounds like a bozo, although that isn’t exactly a new observation. This nonsense is what the people on Trump’s side are working with.