‘The Lincoln Project’ Celebrates MLK Day With Inspiring Video


It began with a grainy screen and the scratchy sound of old movies. We see Martin Luther King (MLK) talking, saying that he knows “it will not be easy,” as the The Lincoln Project reminds us. How right he was as we look around the current state of civil rights, especially the right to vote.

And this video is a dedication to all of us who are devoted to civil rights here at home. Martin Luther King poured words almost directly from his soul, words that stay with us as a nation as profound as ever.

The Lincoln Project started with this simple message:

‘This film is dedicated to all of the people who are devoting themselves to the cause of civil rights in the United States.’

Although he never reached the age of 40, he packed more into those years than others in multiple lifetimes. The Lincoln Project evoked the dream in MLK’s own words simply, “I have a dream.” So, too, should we. Should we not?

Because without hope without the dream, how will we ever reach “the promised land” of equality for all?  MLK spoke into the microphone and before so many listeners this prescient sentence:

‘I may not get there with you.’

But he promised us that he has been “to the mountain top” and has seen what is on the other side. And with that glimpse into our future, he knew that we would continue to strive, no matter whatever it took.


Check out The Lincoln Project’s 94-seconds profound tribute and the promise for our future:

‘The Lincoln Project Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’

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