Trump Obsessed Rioter Melts Down In Court & Is Sent Back To Jail


Federal Judge Zia Faruqui has ruled that Michigan resident and Capitol rioter Tim Boughner will remain in custody ahead of further proceedings in his case, which features charges that Boughner assaulted police while at the Capitol, alongside other serious offenses. During the hearing last week where Faruqui delivered this decision, Boughner melted down — according to Law & Crime, things began going off-the-rails as the judge was reading through a list of comments that Boughner had made via social media. At one point, Boughner angrily ranted: “You got these dumbass comments that you’re saying I said but I did not say these things… Do we really have to go through all this?”

Faruqui had apparently indicated his decision to leave Boughner in custody before the defendant began flipping out. At another point, Boughner self-confidently asserted: “You guys don’t know what happened… You really don’t know what happened. You guys [are] gonna believe what you guys wanna believe. So hey, it is what it is.” What happened is that Boughner was among those who assaulted police officers at the Capitol last January, where his weapons of choice against law enforcement included chemical spray and a metal bike rack. Eventually, Boughner angrily abandoned the (virtual) hearing, insisting: “You know what, I don’t care anymore, I’m done with this… So I’d like to go eat my food and play cards.” After brief further developments, Boughner was gone.

Faruqui found Boughner to, in the event of release, pose a flight risk and a potential danger to the community. As the judge explained things, this “is in fact one of the few cases where I believe the risk of flight is a real concern.” (Boughner has “confessed to… attempting to flee capture,” reporter Jordan Fischer notes.) Faruqui added that, at the Capitol, Boughner “was with a group that just by their mere presence created a threat to law enforcement,” and the judge singled out his usage of a metal bike rack against cops as “gravely serious.” In other words, Boughner’s propensity for violence in service of political ambitions seems clear. The judge also concluded that Boughner “had no remorse at the time it happened,” adding that there’s “nothing that’s indicated to me he has remorse.” That puts Boughner in the same category as ex-President Trump himself, who has consistently tried to excuse and defend what took place last January. Read more at this link.