Dan Creshaw Gets Mercilessly Booed During Q & A Session


Tea Parties can be dangerous, especially the Republican kind. Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) was all up for a question-and-answer session until he got called out by a woman in the crowd. She said that he had been feeding voters a lie about being a Christian. Her source was the representative’s own book Fortitude published by Twelve Books.  

The young woman was stunned by his philosophy:


‘I can’t wrap my head around this.’

That was when the former Seal lost it and yelled at her:

‘Don’t question my faith. You guys can ask questions about all of these things and I’ll answer that but don’t question my faith.’

The audience was filled with evangelicals who consider Jesus a real being. They loudly booed the sitting congressman for what they thought was his religious stance and for talking that way to a “kid.”

Vice President of Government Affairs VP at the Club for Growth, Scott Parkinson, said his organization would probably not be big Crenshaw donors.

Crenshaw will have to fight off a primary contender on his right. This as many assert that the representative is just a RINO (Republican In Name Only). His book is an intellectual trip urging people to acquire mental fortitude. Intellectual rarely goes well with literalism. He wrote:

‘Outrage is weakness. It is the muting of rational thinking and the triumph of emotion. Despite what you’ve been hearing and seeing as of late, it is not a virtue. It is not something to be celebrated, nor praised, nor aspired to. It is a deeply human emotion—even understandable at times—but rarely is it productive, virtuous, or useful. It is an emotion to overcome, not accept, and overcoming it requires mental strength. This book is about acquiring that necessary mental fortitude.’

Dr. Condoleeza Rice said:

‘As someone who has served our country on the front lines in Afghanistan, Dan Crenshaw knows what it means to separate the trivial from the truly meaningful. In FORTITUDE, he brings this vital experience to bear, offering keen insights on how to unite our fractured country and take pride in its founding ideals — even as we face up to the tough truths of its history.’

Perhaps, Crenshaw’s discussions belong more in a university classroom than on the road to reelection:

‘WATCH: “DON’T TALK TO A KID LIKE THAT!” @GOP Rep. @DanCrenshawTX draws LOUD BOOS after he gets vicious with a YOUNG GIRL who asks why he called Jesus a “hero archetype” like Superman on a podcast (implying He isn’t real) saying she’s questioning his faith.

‘Clearly hit a nerve’

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