Dominion Voting Systems Puts Giuliani & Sidney Powell On Notice


Around Donald Trump, a prolific liar who has exaggerated everything from his inauguration crowd size to his success on a test for dementia, is surrounded by other liars. People like Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell, in fact, were willing to lie so completely and ridiculously that they defamed a company that makes machines to tabulate votes, machines that the two “lawyers” said had cheated Trump out of the 2020 election. Those lies aren’t just facepalm bad, they’re a billion dollar lawsuit bad.

On Tuesday, Dominion Voting, who is suing Giuliani and Powell in a billion dollar lawsuit along with Mike Lindell of My Pillow Fame and, in a separate lawsuit, Fox News, for lies about their company being in cahoots with everyone from Democratic lawmakers to Italy to a long-dead president of Venezuela, told a judge in the lawsuit that there is “no realistic possibility” that a settlement might be reached between their company and Trump’s two former lawyers. In truth, there is little reason for them to do so.

Speaking to Reuters, Don Herzog, a University of Michigan law professor, said that:

‘There’s no particular incentive to settle with Giuliani or Powell, and it’s not just the sadistic glee of making their lives miserable by forcing this to continue. It’s that almost always, the party settling will stipulate in its terms of settlement: I don’t concede that I did anything wrong. And unless they’re nuts, what the corporation wants out of those two is exactly the acknowledgment that you did something wrong. So for them, there’s a pressing interest to go to trial and make them lose.’

While the other lawsuits are still pending, and Lindell’s lawsuit is being handled separately from Giuliani and Powell’s, Dominion Voting does not appear ready to allow the two to escape accountability, especially not when a settlement means that the two would be legally allowed to say that they did nothing wrong. Of course, if they didn’t, there would be no need for a settlement. They did, however, and the panic should begin to set in any time now.

In the court filing, the defendant’s (Powell and Giuliani) position is listed as:

‘Powell and Giuliani are open to settlement discussions once discovery is complete and Dominion realizes that its claims are without merit and that it has no damages legally attributable to Powell and Giuliani. Powell and Giuliani have nothing to show remorse for and dispute that they have lied about anything.’

Trump’s toadies at organizations like Fox News, including hosts Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity, are part of a lawsuit in which the company claims that the network allowed the two lawyers to use their platform to spread lies, and both Powell and Giuliani have all but admitted that they didn’t care whether or not their claims about the company were true.

‘Dominion has sued other pro-Trump media personalities and networks, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Newsmax, seeking billions of dollars in monetary damages. The defendants have argued in court filings that they engaged in free speech protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.’