Biden Beats Trump & DeSantis In Hypothetical 2024 Match-Up: Poll


A new poll from Marquette Law School shows Joe Biden far ahead of both former President Donald Trump and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in hypothetical match-ups for the 2024 presidential race. Pitting Biden against Trump found the former president with just 33 percent of the support while Biden nabbed 43 percent, and putting Biden up against DeSantis left the margin a bit narrower but still in Biden’s favor. Biden had 41 percent of the support, while DeSantis had 33 percent. In both hypothetical match-ups, a significant portion of respondents indicated disinterest in both candidates. Putting DeSantis against Biden had 18 percent saying they’d support someone else and 8 percent saying they wouldn’t vote, while a Biden-Trump match-up had 16 percent opting for someone else and 6 percent saying they wouldn’t vote.

Trump appears likely to run, but he’s yet to formally commit to making another bid for the presidency. In the event that Trump joins the race, DeSantis seems likely — although not certain — to sit it out, since he’s a supporter of the former president. Otherwise, the Florida governor apparently hasn’t publicly indicated any commitment to running for president, although he’s been touted as a potential contender. In an interview last year, DeSantis said that he’s “gonna run for governor and be here for the people of Florida,” adding: “I appreciate people looking at me for different things but at the end of the day, we’ve accomplished a lot here but I’ve got a lot more to do.” Biden, meanwhile, has committed to running again.

Meanwhile, Trump has kept up his criticism of the Biden administration, which he has consistently refused to acknowledge is legitimately in place. He’s also continued to trumpet his excusals of what went on at the Capitol last January, essentially trying to write off brutal physical assaults on scores of police officers and threats to the lives of government leaders, their staff members, journalists, and others. Trump has insisted that the actual “insurrection” took place on Election Day in 2020, although there remains no legitimate evidence pointing to the kind of systematic election fraud that the defeated former president claims was present. Republicans who accept Trump amid these rhetorical meltdowns can’t just evade the truth of what they’re also accepting.