Nevada Republican Faces 8+ Years For Threats To Election Worker


Nevada resident and obvious Trump supporter Gjergi Luke Juncaj has been arrested for repeatedly threatening an employee in the Elections Division of the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office on the day after the brutal, Trump-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol last year. On one of his four calls to the targeted employee, Juncaj told the elections worker that he “[wanted] to thank you for such a great job you all did on stealing the election,” adding: “I hope you all go to jail for treason… You are all going to… die.” Juncaj is now charged with four counts of making threatening telephone calls, and each individual count comes with a maximum sentence of up to 2 years in prison, the Justice Department noted. Juncaj thus appears to be facing up to 8 years in prison if he is eventually convicted, although significantly less time behind bars would certainly seem possible.

Juncaj’s arrest by the FBI is connected to the work of the Election Threats Task Force at the Justice Department, which was publicly unveiled last year but whose work hadn’t led to any publicly announced arrests until recently. Last week, the Justice Department announced the arrest of Texas resident and apparent Trump fanatic Chad Stark, who posted on the online marketplace known as Craigslist in apparent search of individuals to help him see through his aim of the murder of certain officials in Georgia.

As revealed by the Justice Department, Stark ranted, in part: “Georgia Patriots it’s time for us to take back our state from these Lawless treasonous traitors. It’s time to invoke our Second Amendment right it’s time to put a bullet in the treasonous Chinese [Official A].” Although officials didn’t confirm Stark’s targets, he later mentioned “governors,” suggesting that he was going after Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Trump has repeatedly harangued Kemp for supposedly not doing enough to address imaginary systematic election fraud. Alongside an announcement of Stark’s earlier arrest, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the following:

‘The Justice Department has a responsibility not only to protect the right to vote, but also to protect those who administer our voting systems from violence and illegal threats of violence. The department’s Election Threats Task Force, working with partners across the country, will hold accountable those who violate federal law by using violence or threatening violence to target election workers fulfilling their public duties.’

As long as Trump continues to be broadly accepted by the bulk of the GOP, certain threats posed by the violent tendencies that he has fostered will remain. At the Justice Department, the Election Threats Task Force includes officials from across the department’s workforce, including the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section, the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division, the Civil Rights Division, the National Security Division, and the FBI. Read more here.