Democrats Fly Past GOP With Record-Smashing Fundraising Haul


Democrats are waking up to some very good news after the DNC revealed its highest fundraising year ever. It brought in $10.7 million in December alone, and $157 million total in 2021, which broke all its records for a non-election year. People attributed the big change to the DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, according to ABC News.

Unfortunately, Harrison is still feeling pressure. He tweeted on Sunday:

‘Only in DC … can you break a fundraising record & have folks complain it isn’t enough. That’s what the DNC did in ’21! The DNC work isn’t always easy & covid has created its own challenges. Our offices have been closed since 2020, but despite barriers we are making a difference.’


Harrison he was not a quitter:

‘To unnamed sources … if you expect me to go away or roll into a ball and whimper… you picked the wrong one. The focus is upending the party of fraud, fear and fascism. You have the mission, now get with the program,’

An advisor to the president relayed to ABC News that President Biden has complete “confidence” in Harrison:

‘President Biden and Democrats are united – we’re focused on lowering costs for the American people while talking to the American people about our accomplishments – we created more jobs than in any one year in the history of the country and passed a historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Jaime Harrison has been a critical partner in this effort, helping share our message with the American people, while working to put Democrats in the best position to win in 2022 and 2024.’

Democratic South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday and said:

‘He knows what it is to run. He knows what it is to lose. Jaime Harrison is just what we need.’

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In addition to its fundraising capabilities, the party has $65 million in cash on hand. Last April, Harrison announced a “$20 million investment in midterm battlegrounds, sending resources:”

‘We’re going to start our coalition-building earlier. You’ve heard the criticism of the Democratic Party, ‘Why are they just sending people to our community three months before the election?’ Well, folks, we are going to end that right now. We are going to start sending people to your community now.’

Resources included:

‘[I]ncreasing staffing, to key states such as Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, hoping to replicate the successes in the Georgia runoff elections for this upcoming cycle.’

Screen-Shot-2022-01-31-at-9.21.21-AM Democrats Fly Past GOP With Record-Smashing Fundraising Haul Domestic Policy Featured Politics Top Stories

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