‘The Lincoln Project’ Goes After Donald Trump For Emboldening Nazis


When the leader of an opposition party is a “crude” clown, it is easy to dismiss him. Even when he tells us what he is going to do. Germany made that mistake. Democracy fell “almost overnight,” and look at what the Germans were left holding in history.

The Lincoln Project’s latest video once again pours searing molten lead on our hearts with pictures of emaciated, dead Jews. And others. There were six million executed in the genocide.

The powerful, short video reminds us that “mad, charismatic men and their enablers” captured the German government which was not as strong as others believed:

‘It started with words — words like those we heard in Orlando, FL this weekend.’

The Authoritarianism movement of “hate, antisemitism and the violent pursuit power” is on the march again. Orlando’s display was pure hatred. The Lincoln Project’s members remind us of a lesson in reality that we dare not ignore as we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

They remind us “hate is on the march again.” And that destroyed people’s “hope and humanity.” So horrific was it that we promised, “never again.” This is our promise to keep.

People did not believe that lethal words of propaganda could pull them down into such mad chaos. They were wrong:

Today on Holocaust Remembrance Day, today when a Tennessee school board decided to remove the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “Maus” from its curriculum, today when teaching about racism is under attack…77 years ago today my dad, barely 6 years old, was liberated from Auschwitz’

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