Evidence Of Apparent Trump Seditious Conspiracy Published Via ‘NY Times


He has an unfortunate habit of saying his intentions aloud. That worked for Donald Trump for a while, but no longer. Now, his aired statements are called “evidence” in the House January 6th Select Committee investigation.

Members of the Select Committee have discovered the former president was seriously involved in plans “to use security agencies” to retrieve the 2020 Presidential election voting machines. Then, he would look for evidence of “fraud,” according to The New York Times.

This was just one of several attempts to overthrow the Americans’ government. As the time for him to step down drew closer, Trump became more frenetic. He told his former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to see whether Homeland Security could legally “take control of voting machines in key swing states.”

Giuliani followed the command and called the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. But the man said “no.”

Earlier in an Oval Office meeting, Trump had asked former Attorney General William Barr whether the Department of Justice (DOJ) could just grab them. Barr said “no.” The Pentagon also turned the ex-president down when he asked them to seize the voting machines.

Many people did not realize how heavily Trump was involved in overturning the 2020 election prior to February 2022.

Garrett Ziegler said on a podcast:

‘I waved in General Flynn and Sidney Powell on the Friday night of the 18th — for which Mark Meadows’s office revoked my guest privileges [due to being] frustrated with the current counsel.’

The new information was among the Select Committee’s recent revelations. Most glaring among them were Trump’s own statements at his weekend presidential rally.

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He said that he would pardon those who breached the nation’s Capitol Building on that fateful day. Then, Trump said his former vice president Mike Pence could have “overturned the election.” All he would have had to do was discount all Electoral College votes in swing states.

So who came up with the idea of seizing the voting machines? Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron. Right after the 2020 election, he began by saying:

‘[He] had found irregularities in vote results that he felt were suggestive of fraud. He then came up with the idea of having a federal agency like the military or the Department of Homeland Security confiscate the machines to preserve evidence.’


Waldron thought it would be a good idea to have The Pentagon seize the machines after the ex-president’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn suggested the idea. Flynn worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency before President Barrack Obama

Around the same time that Mr. Trump brought up the possibility of having the Justice Department would seize the voting machines, for example, he also tried to persuade state lawmakers in contested states like Michigan and Pennsylvania to use local law enforcement agencies to take control of them, people familiar with the matter said. The state lawmakers refused to go along with the plan.

The meeting with Mr. Barr took place in mid-to-late November when Mr. Trump raised the idea of whether the Justice Department could be used to seize machines, according to two people familiar with the matter. Mr. Trump told Mr. Barr that his lawyers had told him that the department did not have the power to seize machines as evidence of fraud.

Barr had been made aware of the former president’s “legal” team by law enforcement officials who debunked the conspiracy theories by Sidney Powell and wealthy businessman Patrick Byrne. The former AG said the DOJ could not take the machines because he had “no probable cause to believe a crime had been committed,” The Daily Beast reported.

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Waldron currently owns a bar and distillery near Austin, Texas. He authored a 38-page PowerPoint presentation that was “filled with extreme plans to overturn the election.”

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