‘MyPillow Guy’ Gets Smoked By Attorney For ‘Dominion Voting System’


Dominion voting systems sued Mike Lindell and his company MyPillow last February for $1.3 billion over defamation. After the original lawsuit Lindell counter-sued months later in December. This suit claimed that Dominion was indeed involved in an illegal conspiracy to punish him. But in the voting machine business, the company’s character and honesty was all or nothing. Lindell was sullying the voting machine company’s reputation with his lies.

Dominion’s attorneys wrote, Yahoo News reported:

‘The proverbial “shoolyard bully who can’t take a punch” is not even the right analogy. Lindell and MyPillow are bullies who, after attacking their victim in the schoolyard, claim that the victim is forbidden from going to the nurse to dress his wounds, or to the principal’s office to have them held accountable.’

Dominon’s attorneys also said that the company wanted to dismiss Lindell’s counterclaim, because there was not enough reasons to support Dominion breaking the law, and this suit would just slow the tedious progress down.

Attorneys for Dominion wrote this about Lindell’s counterclaim, according to The Court Listener:

‘If allowed to proceed, they would impose liability on innumerable parties engaging in ordinary, day-to-day acts of litigation, they would deter future litigants from bringing their disputes to court in the first place.’


Both parties accepted a week for updates to the discovery schedule. Trump’s former attorneys, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, have been involved in the discovery process.

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