Biden Admin Singles Out Louis DeJoy For USPS Sabotage


Well, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is in big trouble now. He is one of the stink bombs that Donald Trump left behind to undermine the current administration and do as much damage to an agency as possible. DeJoy even has a business that is a competitor to the US Postal Service (USPS.) And he just tried to pull his biggest fast one yet.

The White House and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came down hard on DeJoy for implementing his vehicle replacement plan. The Postmaster would replace most of the department’s elderly gas-powered truck with more of the same rather than electric trucks.

In a letter, EPA Associate Administrator Vicki Arroyo said that USPS’s decision was “inconsistent” with clean-energy policies at state, federal, and international levels.

She sent DeJoy a letter noting that these plans were “inconsistent” with clean-energy policies at all government levels, CNN reported. Instead, he allocated:

  • 10 percent next-generation delivery trucks next-generation delivery vehicles (NGDVs)
  • 90 percent gas-powered.

Arroyo also wrote, according to The Washington Post:

‘[The Plan is] crucial lost opportunity to more rapidly reduce the carbon footprint of one of the largest government fleets in the world…Because this is the single largest federal vehicle procurement in the foreseeable future and these investments are long-lived, a fully informed Postal Service NGDV decision on this unparalleled opportunity for the federal government to lead by example on climate and clean energy innovation is essential.’

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White House Council of Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory sent the Postmaster a letter, too, pointing at the USPS’ environmental analysis released after its next contract:

‘The agency committed to walk down a path before looking to see where that path was leading.’

Representative Gerry Connolly (D-VA) chairs the House subcommittee that oversees the Postal Service. He has called for DeJoy’s resignation over the issue. However, he says the USPS hasn’t been allocated sufficient funding for the more expensive vehicles.

The representative demanded that DeJoy resign:

‘Postmaster Gener

al DeJoy’s plan to spend billions on brand new gas-powered vehicles is in direct contradiction to the stated goals of Congress and the President to eliminate emissions from the federal fleet. If Mr. DeJoy won’t resign, the Board of Governors has got to fire him — now.’

Postal Service Spokesperson Kim Frum said that the USPS would add the EVs but only “if a solution can be found to do so that is not financially detrimental.”

Frum’s statement continued:

‘[T]he Postal Service has repeatedly consulted with EPA and carefully considered and responded to all of its comments.”‘

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And of course, “high costs” was the alleged reason for the Postal Service’s decision to pursue gas-powered vehicles as it replaces its fleet:

‘While we can understand why some who are not responsible for the financial sustainability of the Postal

 Service might prefer that we acquire more electric vehicles, the

law requires us to be self-sufficient.’

Mallory also said that the EPA believes the USPS’ environment analysis was flawed and must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act:

‘If it does not do so, Congress or the Federal courts may compel USPS to alter course.’

President Joe Biden does not have the power to fire DeJoy. A Republican-weighted panel could do that but did not. Now that the new boss is in town, he appointed a Democrat to head that panel and hold DeJoy accountable.

The president made six billion dollars available to the USPS to transition to an all-electric vehicle fleet. Unfortunately, two Democratic senators killed his Build Back Better bill, where that line item was.

The Republicans have long yearned to privatize the post office. So they have made it virtually impossible to manage it financially; they instituted laws to make the organization fund their employees’ retirement upfront. No other agency did that, and the USPS was never intended to be a profit-making center.

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