Hillary Clinton Hits Trump For Document Scandal At Mar-a-Lago


Given the hard time the Republicans have given Secretary Hillary Clinton over her private emails, she must have some interesting thoughts today. The GOP was in charge of both houses and grilled her for 11 hours. Interesting, given that Donald Trump hauled boxes upon boxes of presidential correspondence and documents down to Mar-a-Lago against the National Archives procedures.

The National Archives had to physically go to Trump’s Florida home/resort to retrieve them in January 2022. Many were in deplorable condition. They had been shredded, tossed in burn bags, and carelessly stored. The House January 6 Select Committee had requested the memos, letters, and other documents from the Archives, The Washington Post reported.

The Ballotpedia reported that Clinton used a “private email account to send both personal messages” and those related to State Business:

‘[S]he exclusively used a private email account to send both personal messages and communications related to official State Department business. By managing her email in this manner, Clinton potentially violated record-keeping, transparency, and security regulations.

The best way to handle a fiasco such as this is through humor. And the situation was made all that much better, because it brought in cash:

‘Take a sip from your new mug as you read the news…’

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One member of the January 6 Select Committee Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) said this about Trump’s “records situation:”

‘That they didn’t follow rules is not a shock. As for how this development relates to the committee’s work, we have different sources and methods for obtaining documents and information that we are seeking.’

The Mar-a-Lago records contained North Korean President Kim Jong-Un’s “love letters” to Trump.

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