Ex-Trump Lawyer Gives Up Troves Of Emails To Jan 6 Committee


John Eastman, a law professor who helped craft Trump’s false argument that the 2020 election was stolen, has turned over nearly 8,000 pages of emails to the committee while holding back about 11,000 pages because it is what he calls “privileged material,” The Rolling Stone wrote:

He was the one who helped Donald Trump set up a campaign to worry voters about the authenticity of the nation’s voting processes. The campaign’s underlying message was that the election had been stolen from Trump. Eastman has been a “fringe legal theory” holder, and he believed that the former Vice-President Mike Pence could lock down “the Electoral College vote in Congress.” Eastman and House attorneys met with a federal judge on Monday afternoon to work out a deal about Eastman’s Chapman University email account’s subpoena. It came as no surprise when Eastman went to court to slow down the Select Committee. Worse, Eastman still had about 48,000 more pages to sort through.

The decision about the document’s admissibility is up to the judge. Apparently, it would take them “several weeks” to compile them. However, Judge David Carter wanted the trial to speed up:

‘Last month, the judge ordered Eastman to respond to the House select committee’s subpoena of Chapman University for his emails.’

Eastman claimed First Amendment protection against self-incrimination for nearly 150 questions. So then, the House Select Committee went to his employer, the Chapman University, to see if they would release the documents. They would not. So the school received a subpoena and the attorney sued in order to keep it from the California Federal Court issues.

The Select Committee still needs to hear from a number of Trump’s inner circle such as Rudy Giuliani:

‘While Eastman and others have taken the Fifth, two top Trump advisers have refused to appear for testimony, leading the House to vote to hold them in contempt. Still, many witnesses close to Trump and who had interactions with Eastman have already spoken to the committee.’


Apparently, Giuliani was making progress with the panel. Its members indicated that it had every expectation that he would  “cooperate fully” with its subpoena, However, his attorney tried to claim that his exchanges with Trump were privileged. CNN reported that Giuliani was one of three witnesses scheduled to appear before the committee on Tuesday. However, that date was rescheduled for a later time.

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