Biden Defies Trump & Turns Over Documents To Investigators


President Biden will be ordering the release of Trump’s White House visitor logs. At issue was whether Donald Trump had the right to withhold those and other documents, as he claimed. Biden explained that the January 6 Committee needed the logs to complete their investigation into that horrid day and what led up to it. Our sitting president went back to the Constitution, noting his job was to protect the country, not one president, let alone one American citizen.

The Committee has claimed that Trump did not have the executive privilege now that he has left the presidency and gone back to private life.

With more than a few top Trump officials ignoring the January 6 Committee’s subpoenas, that documentation has been crucial. The Select Committee has been especially eager to see the White House visitor logs to see who went to the Oval Office on January 6.

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At this time, the House Committee has been sifting through reams of documents and hearing the testimony of over 500 witnesses. Most are willing to come in voluntarily, but committee members have been forced to issue subpoenas for the testimony and for the records, when necessary . A number of Trump officials have ignored those subpoenas, so the Select Committee sent them to Attorney General Merrick Garland for prosecution. Unfortunately in many cases, the AG has drug his feet.

White House counsel Dana Remus said Biden had considered Trump’s claim of executive privilege, but then made a decision:

‘[Withholding records was] not in the best interest of the United States.’

The sitting president “voluntarily discloses such visitor logs on a monthly basis.” So did President Barack Obama’s people.

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The Presidential Records Act also dictated that all records from the president and his staff go directly to the National Archives. That meant when a president left office, he or she is culpable for getting these documents to the Archives.

Trump had a history of destroying records, tearing them into pieces as small as confetti, putting them in burn bags, and even taking them (15 boxes) with him when he left for Mar-a-Lago. The ex-president has tried to make certain the January 6 Committee did not have access to them, even taking the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court. Even though he put three justices in place, Trump lost his case.

One problem with Trump’s phone records was that they did not capture the burner phones he used, phones he habitually borrowed, or other phones not under the White House purview. Therefore, there has been a number of phone calls he made and received as he gleefully watched the actual insurrection at the nation’s Capitol building in Washington D.C.

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The letter President Biden sent to the National Archives gave it 15 days to comply, according to Reuters.

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