Hillary Clinton Tweets Rallying-Cry To Save US Democracy


A majority of Americans seem unaware that our country could fall out of Democracy in 2022 and right into a Donald Trump autocracy — a dictatorship much like those of his best buddies Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

This potential calamity brought Hillary Clinton back with a warning on Twitter.  Secretary Clinton said in her tweet that if we cede Democracy locally, “we cede everything:”

‘When we cede our democracy at the local level, we cede [email protected] has a wake-up call for Democrats, and I think everyone should hear it.

‘Listen to our full conversation on this week’s episode of You And Me Both, available wherever you get your podcasts.’

Run for Something is an established organization that wrote:

‘As of the end of 2021: We’ve recruited more than 90,000 people to consider running for office, endorsed more than 1800, and elected 637 all-stars to local office in nearly every single state!’

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‘This might feel surprising — but we know (and have been saying since day one) that it’s never been about Trump. Young people have been interested in running for office in order to make change, to stand up for their communities, and fight for their values.’

Run for Something has been working hard and endorsed “412 candidates in 38 states,” thus far. Their demographics are:

  • ‘53% women
  • 55% people of color
  • 2% non-binary
  • 26% LGBTQIA+
  • 31% were women of color, 23% were men of color, and 13% were LGBTQIA+ folks of color
  • 31% were under the age of 30
  • 15% identified as people with disabilities
  • 14% don’t have 4 year college degrees
  • 5% were veterans
  • 34% were caretakers of kids
  • 61% self identify as coming from a low-income background
  • 29% were immigrants or children of immigrants
  • 82% ran for municipal office, 13% ran for education roles, 4% ran for state legislature and 2% ran for legal positions
  • 13% were Run for Something alumni — meaning we’d endorsed them in a previous cycle as well.’


Screen-Shot-2022-02-16-at-1.38.37-PM Hillary Clinton Tweets Rallying-Cry To Save US Democracy Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

The five-year-old organization has a “long-term and strategic” plan. That means they have a solid foundation where “we’re always deepening our efforts, refining our program, and prioritizing as the moment requires.”

The Republicans have had a strategic plan, too, since before President Ronald Reagan (R) took the Oval Office. But women usually organize better than most men, so we have a good chance of making our Democracy permanent if everyone hears and accepts the vital call to action.

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