Special Counsel John Durham Rebuffs Fox News’ Clinton Lies


During the Trump White House era, Special Counsel John Durham was chosen to investigate accusations against Hillary Clinton. Fox News clamored that Durham’s investigation data was proof that Clinton was involved in espionage. The ultra-conservative medium also claimed that the internet data was proof of her spying.

Of course, that wasn’t true at all.  As a consequence of right wing media lies, Durham has moved away from the fake-news to protect himself. When Durham filed, he called the charges “simply not true.” And when he said he was including the information, Durham replied that he had “valid and straightforward reasons” for doing so, according to The New York Times:

‘If third parties or members of the media have overstated, understated or otherwise misinterpreted facts contained in the government’s motion, that does not in any way undermine the valid reasons for the government’s inclusion of this information.’

Durham claimed there was nothing to see there about his filing. Furthermore, he would seal anything else in the future, because:

‘[I]nformation that legitimately gives rise to privacy issues or other concerns that might overcome the presumption of public access to judicial documents.’

The reason for filing earlier was to request that a judge examine potential conflicts of interest among Sussmann’s attorneys. Durham anticipated this, because one of his defense team had worked in the White House “during the relevant events that involved.” Michael Bosworth, served as a deputy White House counsel in the Obama administration, according to Latham-Watkins.

Sussmann met with the CIA. He was worried that the information indicated “Russian-made YotaPhones” had been discovered near Trump and the White House.

The ex-president leaped upon the fake news and claimed there was “indisputable evidence” of Clinton’s guilt. Then, he suggested her sentence be “execution.” After that, he went after traditional news outlets for not covering this supposed proof:

‘The dispute traces back to a pretrial motion in the case Mr. Durham has brought against Mr. Sussmann accusing him of making a false statement during a September 2016 meeting with the F.B.I. where he relayed concerns about possible cyber links between Mr. Trump and Russia. The bureau later dismissed those as unfounded.’


Clinton pointed to “Trump & Fox” and accused them of “spinning up a fake scandal:”

‘Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. So it’s a day that ends in Y. The more his misdeeds are exposed, the more they lie. For those interested in reality, here’s a good debunking of their latest nonsense.’Screen-Shot-2022-02-18-at-9.28.30-AM Special Counsel John Durham Rebuffs Fox News' Clinton Lies Corruption Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

Durham accused Sussman of giving the FBI false information, that he had zero clients. Yet he represented the Clinton campaign and Rodney Joffe, a technology company owner.

Sussman was concerned about links between internet data and Russia’s involvement back in early 2017. That was when he went to the CIA and the FBI to express them.

Sussman concluded “a Russian-made smartphone” was used at Trump Tower and at the White House:

‘At the C.I.A. meeting, Mr. Sussmann shared concerns about data that suggested that someone using a Russian-made smartphone may have been connecting to networks at Trump Tower and the White House, among other places.’

South African businessman Durham claimed that the Trump Organization “was in secret communication with Alfa-Bank in Russia.”

Screen-Shot-2022-02-18-at-9.55.18-AM Special Counsel John Durham Rebuffs Fox News' Clinton Lies Corruption Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

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