Trump Supporter Busted For Voter Fraud In Wisconsin


In Wisconsin, Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney, a Republican, has charged five individuals — including a supporter of ex-President Donald Trump — with a variation of election fraud after they used mailboxes at UPS stores for the addresses on their voter registrations, instead of residential addresses as required by law. Three of the five individuals participated in the 2020 elections. As recapped by ABC, Toney “said he hoped the charges would serve to educate voters about the law requiring them to list a residential address when registering to vote.” The district attorney added regarding these particular voter registrations that it’s “clear that would have had no impact on any election results about who would have won the race.” In other words, the charges do not point to any organized conspiracy, like that which has been alleged by Trump to have been responsible for Biden’s win.

The noted Trump supporter who was among those charged told authorities that they should investigate allegations of election fraud because “they took it away from Trump,” referring to the election. Now, this individual is among those who have been charged with a felony offense that comes with potential consequences including up to three and a half years in jail and as much as a $10,000 fine, although substantially lesser consequences are certainly possible, in the event that these individuals are found guilty. Another one of the individuals charged by Toney in this latest group “appeared very apologetic upon learning that he could not register to vote with a PO Box,” according to a filing from the district attorney. That person didn’t vote in 2020, and the other from the group who did not cast a ballot in 2020 was living out of his vehicle at the time he registered to vote and used the mailbox on his voter registration because of its allowance for use on his driver’s license.

Toney claimed that the situation constitutes “an important opportunity for education on this issue.” Bringing a felony charge against a person who’s struggled with homelessness for a victim-less crime that’s clearly explainable isn’t exactly as valiant of an endeavor as Toney might somehow think. He is running in the Republican primary for the position of state Attorney General; whoever wins that race will presumably take on incumbent Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul later this year. Around the country, Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential race have never been supported in any meaningful sense by the facts. In Georgia, for instance, investigations revealed just four 2020 ballots for the presidential election that had been cast in the names of voters who were deceased, despite Trump’s previous claims of thousands of such votes cast in the state. All four of those ballots were given to authorities by family members of the deceased individuals, meaning that yet again there was no sort of widespread conspiracy.